Posted on October 10th 2011 at 2:35pm by SKN3
2D game development made easier. Objecty is a Texture Packer, Spriter, Animation Tool, Level Builder and more!

This is the first development update for objecty! A new section of the website has been added to accommodate our first application soon to be available for purchase.

objecty has been in development for a while now, it started life as just an in house tool but after some enthusiasm for the tool we have decided to make it available for other developers to use. Some polish has been added and we have gone that extra mile to make sure the user experience is top notch. One very recent example of our focus on the user experience was the need to create a treeview gadget from scratch. Windows doesn't by default let you have multiple selected items in a tree. For example if you selected 10 frames in an animation then in windows we were having to just make the selection invisible. Not very user friendly. The solution? we wrote a custom treeview gadget from scratch! Some benefits as a result of this are subtle tweaks to how auto scrolling and focusing of your current selection is represented.

We will be posting progress of objecty here, so if you are excited about objecty then make sure to keep checking the website.

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