Posted on December 2nd 2011 at 2:37pm by SKN3

It was a quiet evening in San Francisco. The roads were eerily empty and only the daring few scampered in and out of shops as the leaves blustered along in the wind. The air seemed thick with tension and the sounds of chattering game developers drawing ever closer murmured subtly pass Josh’s ears.

Earlier that week there had been an exciting delivery through Josh’s front door. A package from the UK! The parcel had a squishy dull sound but seemed to be shouting “open me!” Naturally Josh welcomed and obeyed his new parcel overlords and opened it without hesitation.

Inside he found something that would delight and enrich the life of even the most enriched and delighted person; a limited edition, custom made, not available to buy… skn3 hoodie!

As josh drew closer to his destination that evening, he checked himself out in the reflection of a shop window to admire his skn3 hoodie. Pure geek style he thought to himself! Reaching the venue he prepared himself for a fun evening of game development collaboration madness with the TIGsource crowd!.

Josh triumphantly headed into the room with his skn3 hoodie radiating with a brilliant toxic green. He could see people huddled around many laptop screens, the bright glow lit up people’s faces as they intently hammered away at the keys. Clicking and clacking as the displays filled up with code! Everyone appeared to be having a super fun time and everything seemed calm. Hours passed with many laughs and undeniably geeky jokes. Beers consumed, energy drinks slaughtered and snacks demolished in the blink of an eye. Some games were made, some were played and of course many admired Josh’s skn3 hoodie…

Meanwhile somewhere on the other side of the planet, the members of skn3 were preparing themselves for a group photo. Coincidently this was happening in real-time, like an episode of 24. As the tension music thunders, one portion of the screen has Josh beavering away at the tigjam event, another portion shows the members of skn3 lining up and bustling to get into position and the final part shows something far more sinister. A shadowy figure lurking, sneaking, waiting for an opportune moment…
A sinister character plays a game with skn3s property
Blissfully unaware of the peril that awaited Josh thousands of miles away, Dave, Caroline and Jon jockeyed for position as the camera timer blinkered. The camera was one of those fancy ones that shows a smiley face on the front display. *BLOSH!* the camera took a photo…
a team photo of the members of skn3
The once large crowd of people had thinned and people were starting to leave. It had come to that point in the night where the brain has had enough caffeine and carbohydrates and just needs one thing, sleep! With much delay Josh started packing up his stuff. Laptop, phone, wallet… f**k! A sinking feeling rocked to the bottom of Josh’s stomach. Where was it!? Josh scrambled around looking desperately everywhere. It had gone!
josh has a sad face as his hoodie is gone
Josh’s devastation was indescribable! Call the cops, call the secret service call the FBI someone had stolen his skn3 hoodie! Josh peered around the room, eyeing up the potential thief, character analysing each person with terminator accuracy! Was it the guy whose backpack now suddenly seemed to be bursting at the seams? The tall, skinny fellow who now seemed a bit bulkier? The guy who was giving Josh weird looks all night? …Who???

As Josh headed home he thought back on his wondrous time with the skn3 hoodie; so many memories in such a short time. He bid a fare well and trudged reluctantly walking off into the night time!

Is this end of the story? Will Josh ever get his skn3 hoodie back? What exciting adventures will the members of skn3 find themselves in? Tune in next time!

Thief image provided by chanpipat

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