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Posted on June 23rd 2011 at 1:32pm by SKN3

So this is my first official post on the blog as part of a fulltime indie development company. Exciting times! As of about two months ago I decided to leave my web developer job of five years and take the plunge into developing games. A scary new venture but it had to be done! I thought I would kick-off this blog by sharing a little of my history and how I got here…

About nine years ago I was in the position where a group of hobbyist game developers I belong to needed an updated website. At the time I was a keen freeware game developer and my web skills were limited to horrible and garish static pages. The so called “web 2.0” trend did not exist and the large majority of sites where only just starting to experiment with being interactive. I took it upon myself to learn PHP and produce a website from scratch! Little did I know that this small decision would shape my career for nearly ten years!

Five years ago I had the choice to break into the web industry or break into the game industry. I had two job offers available in the same week. One close to my hometown of Cambridge, a web related job about an hour away; the other was to be a 2D game artist in Scotland! It was my choices and decisions from many years before that unwittingly took me down the web development path; away from my dreams but to a new and exciting prospect. Here are the original graphics I had to create in-order to impress the people at the Scottish job.

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