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About objecty

Objecty has been invented to make 2d game development easier! It offers an incredibly easy to use interface for editing & packing textures, animation of 2d sprites, creation of skeletal & tweened animations, building levels and much more! We have designed Objecty to work with your existing development environment helping you to greatly improve your workflow.

Objecty has the skeleton of a super hero. It is 100% built around a set of custom frameworks and user interface elements which will allow us to improve and add new exciting features. Behind the scenes Objecty is a powerhouse of functionality layered on top with a deceptively simple interface. Once you start using Objecty you will start to fall in love with our uncluttered and well thought out design.

Objecty is a Texture Packer
Texture packing made easy, simple, fast and efficient! With Objecty you can import your images directly from your computer and Objecty will cleverly sort them into a texture. You are in complete control over each image. Do you want to add padding? Remove whitespace? Edge bleeding? Objecty can do it all!

Once you have imported your 2d artwork you can continue to edit in your existing tools. Objecty will take care of reloading any external changes. An image imported into Objecty is a preciously wonderful thing. With your imported images you can build sprites, animations, levels, actors and more.

Objecty is a Skeletal Animator
You can now finally create 2D animations that are efficient not only on your creativity but also on your poor overworked game engine! With Objecty we have created a unique way for you to build animations out of smaller parts or “bones”. You can create a complex skeleton structure or just simply place separate pieces down on the canvas, your actors can then be animated using either tweening or stop framing. It is entirely up to your personal preference!

With Objecty’s texture packer you will have defined hotspots for each of your images, when it comes to placing down bones you can rapidly snap your pieces to these hotspots. This amazing modular approach to 2D animation means we can create highly tweakable and highly efficient animations that not only look stunning, but also greatly reduces the amount of hours spent on your artwork.

Objecty is a Spriter
You finally have a way to build a game object that is the staple of all 2D games. A sprite. Objecty allows us to create a sprite and then add various animations to the sprite. Animations are constructed out of those images you drew in your art package and then imported into a texture. Each animation can be named, frames can be tweaked and playback styles configured.

Once you are happy with your sprite and its animations you can start to think about any data you might want to add to it. Objecty allows us to attach values such as text, numbers, colours, file paths and more. This feature is not just limited to sprites; all things in Objecty can have custom attributes!

Objecty is a Level Builder
The ultimate goal for objecty is to allow you to import and then build all of your 2D game assets and then add them to a level or scene. Objecty will allow us to create a scene that consists of various layers. Each layer can then be edited to include the objects we defined in the other parts of Objecty. This feature is still heavily in development so more information will be posted soon.

With all of these features and all of this data Objecty provides a way for you to get the objects into your framework or engine. You can use one of the existing exporters or write one yourself using the LUA scripting functionality.

Objecty is going to be your secret weapon and will greatly help you, but first, it needs a little help from you. We have a Kickstarter campaign coming soon so please get ready to support us.

The blue mammoth artwork for Objecty was created by the talented Ben Hickling.
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  • Texture Packer
  • 2D Sprite Animations
  • Skeletal Animations
  • Tweening and keyframe
  • Define custom hotspots
  • Define custom data
  • Define collision rects
  • Write your own LUA exporters
  • Windows and OSX support
  • Build levels and scenes
  • Future proof and feature rich

News & Updates

Work work and more work

Posted on October 28th 2011 at 4:15pm by SKN3

Hello all potential texture packing Objecty fans! This is a quick update to let you all know what has been happening with regards to SKN3's texture packer.

We have been working hard on Objecty and things are starting to look good. The most important part that has been worked on since the previous update is fleshing out some of the "boring" bits of writing any application. Things such as preferences dialogues, language translation support and computer compatibility. We have also been ironing out a lot of bugs, and the to-do list is starting to get smaller. Most recently one of the to-do/bugs was to fix the zoom to cursor for the canvas gadget Objecty uses. We have noticed in most of the alternative packers and even in some commercial grade art packages that the zooming is not always that userfriendly. How many times have you tried to zoom in on something and have to then adjust yourself to correct the programmers mistake? Well the canvas gadget in objecty now has silky smooth zoom to cursor feature that zooms right in on your current pixel and then zooms right out!

There is one exciting new feature that we have been tinkering away at. All games need graphics FACT. Other texture packers support this (obviously), but there is one feature that most texture packers don't support, hotspots. A hotspot is a point defined on the sprite or picture which your game code can use for whatever it chooses. A good example would be to define where the gun would fire from on a player sprite. With the Objecty app framework code we managed to quickly knock up the starts of a hotspot editor which lets you define an infinite number of hotspots per sprite. It is all very user friendly like the rest of objecty! We are currently working on this and we are in the process of adding in support for editing hotspots on an animation. If you were to add a hotspot on one frame of the animation then you have the option for that to automatically be managed on all other frames. Check out the development shot!


We are quite excited about the Objecty code now as it seems that most of the building blocks are in place and its just a matter of doing the fun bits!

We hope to post a video at some point soon, in the next week or two so keep watching this page!

New apps section and progress

Posted on October 10th 2011 at 2:35pm by SKN3

This is the first development update for objecty! A new section of the website has been added to accommodate our first application soon to be available for purchase.

objecty has been in development for a while now, it started life as just an in house tool but after some enthusiasm for the tool we have decided to make it available for other developers to use. Some polish has been added and we have gone that extra mile to make sure the user experience is top notch. One very recent example of our focus on the user experience was the need to create a treeview gadget from scratch. Windows doesn't by default let you have multiple selected items in a tree. For example if you selected 10 frames in an animation then in windows we were having to just make the selection invisible. Not very user friendly. The solution? we wrote a custom treeview gadget from scratch! Some benefits as a result of this are subtle tweaks to how auto scrolling and focusing of your current selection is represented.

We will be posting progress of objecty here, so if you are excited about objecty then make sure to keep checking the website.